The Jinx

I think I jinxed myself. Twice.

Let’s take a little look at an Allison timeline of last week.

• Wednesday, approx. 11:00 a.m. – quote from Ground Girl blog post:

“…I’m finally at a point where there should be no more large breaks in the foreseeable future.”

• Wednesday, approx. 8:00 p.m.

Sees a poll in a Facebook BJJ group about most common injuries. Top runner on the poll – knee. Thinks to myself, “Lucky me! I haven’t had any knee problems!”

• Thursday, approx. 6:15 a.m.

Almost has lower leg pulled off at the knee like it’s a chicken wing. Hears a loud pop and experiences what I can only describe as the most disgustingly painful feeling I’ve ever felt. Lays on mat seeing how many times one can say, “Fuck!” in a 10 minute time frame.

Oh, Universe. Why must you mess with me so?

After I got home, I spent the first few hours very hopeful that this would heal quickly and I could be back to at least drilling in a week or so. I had very little pain and mostly just felt pressure in my knee. I figured my early morning class and injury earned me a little nap on the couch so I laid down for a snooze-fest. To my surprise, I woke up in pain and with very little mobility in my knee. It stayed that way for about three days, by Saturday night I had a little bit more mobility in my knee where I could actually get out of bed and very slowly hobble/walk. On Sunday I managed to hobble to open mat with my husband and kids in an effort to help the boys clean up some techniques they have been working on. It was torture watching everyone roll, but I was happy because Sunday felt better than Saturday. I was pretty hopeful at that point that things were looking up. Slowly, since Sunday, that hope has faded away when each day there is no change in pain, pressure, and mobility of my knee.

But, wait. There’s more.

The stairs in our house are, at this current moment, a bitch. I have to very slowly take them one step at a time and even that is difficult and painful. I have to use the railings to help pull myself up the stairs or steady myself on the way down. That’s why it was completely stupid of me to try and walk down the stairs with my hands full. I made it down to the first “landing” mid-staircase when I managed to skip the last step and because I was falling with my hands full, can you guess what stopped my fall?

My stupid knee.


I thought that thing wasn’t even fully bendable, but I guess when you pack my weight behind it, she’s gonna bend all the way whether you like it or not. So, I’m sitting here, swollen, in pain, feeling pretty defeated about how long it’s going to take to heal. I’ve spent the last week beyond frustrated. Every time I walk a little too fast and get a shot of pain. Every time it feels like my knee is going to explode when I try to bend it. Every time I wake up in the middle of the night because I tried to roll over and my knee said, “Nope.” Every time I try to sit, stand, or just go up and down the stairs…


We definitely take our healthy, mobile bodies for granted, that’s for sure. I know I do. Ahem. Did. I mean, I guess at least my pistol squat is getting pretty good.


I have no idea how long I’m looking at being out. I have no idea if I should be going to the doctor. I have no idea, period. The only thing I know is that this sucks. I can only guess that I’m in for a longer recovery than I had originally hoped.

Ending with a PSA: When rolling, take care of and respect your body. Respect your training partner’s body. Obviously, we are human and our bodies have limits. It’s not worth the submission/pass/domination if someone gets injured.


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