Motivation Comes in Many Forms.

I feel like my little slump is over. Yay!

This past weekend, my husband and I went to Kansas City to watch some professional jiu-jitsu “superfights.” The whole weekend really opened my eyes in a few areas and gave me some new, much needed motivation.

We will start with the bad first. I have gained enough weight that I couldn’t wear any of the clothes that I wanted to. I mean I could, but I would have been so uncomfortable that it would have been a miserable time. It was so frustrating and I was so disappointed in myself that it kind of lit a fire under my ass to stay on track and follow my eating plan. Anytime I feel like indulging in food I shouldn’t, I’m just going to remind myself of how awful it felt go through almost my whole closet and not feel comfortable in any of my favorite clothes.


At this moment I’ve dropped 7 lbs. over the last three weeks and I’m very happy with that. I also recognized that I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to weight loss and nutrition. There is just too much information out there and I was constantly changing my eating plan because I was so unsure that I was doing the right thing. I finally paid someone to come up with an eating plan custom designed to my weight and my goals. I’m pretty excited to see the results of it being put into action.

The second source of motivation came from simply watching all of those jiu-jitsu matches. I had no idea that I would learn so much just from watching. I could pinpoint mistakes I am constantly making in certain positions, where I go wrong a lot of times, and areas that I could definitely put more work into. There were so many “ah-ha” moments that I couldn’t even count them all. It made me so excited to get back on the mats and work on the things I need to.

The women, to me, were especially inspiring. As a woman, seeing other women get out there and show what women are capable of in jiu-jitsu, always amazes me. It makes we want to be better and put more effort into growing in jiu-jitsu. The women’s matches were some of the best of the night and they showed some of the best sportsmanship of the night. I left there wanting to be those women.

The last bit of motivation came from getting a chance to hang out with two SFC black belts Saturday night and talk some jiu-jitsu. Both gave me great advice on a few things I’m currently struggling with.

I had a discussion with one on how I should be training and where my focus should be as a blue belt. It was almost like the blue belt bullshit cloud I had built in head was gone almost immediately. I just have to quit overthinking every situation that doesn’t involve jiu-jitsu (worrying about what other people think, feeling stupid and getting embarrassed, etc.) and put all that energy into focused training instead.

The discussion both my husband I had with the second was mostly focused on not feeling bad for using your own personal strengths: pressure, flexibility, speed, etc. It was a great conversation and I walked away from it feeling so much better about myself and my jiu-jitsu. I sense a second, more detailed post about this topic in the future.


I ended the weekend so excited to go to class on Tuesday. And, it ended up being a great class.

I had my tasks, my position I’m currently working on and I ended up getting to it in three different rolls. I made my mistakes and learned how I messed up and I’m already anxious to get back and try again so I can fix the details where I went wrong.

For the last few weeks I’ve been slowly trying to build up my cardio from the time off. When I first came back I was trying to roll every other round so I could get a break between each round. Last night I just kind of said screw it and rolled three rounds before a break. I felt like death, but it was a good kind of cardio-death. I know that if I want to improve my cardio, I need to push it to the next level. I feel like I achieved that last night.

I had zero issues with asking people to roll. That’s always been one of my biggest setbacks. I even asked two people that I’ve never rolled with before.

It was just an all-around great night. I’ve got my head out of the self-induced bullshit clouds and I’m excited about the my jiu-jitsu future.

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